Specially Customized Mattress [Premium Grade]

This kind of special Mattress made of High density cotton Re-bonded (Only EUROASIA can produces this Cotton Re-bonded in BANGLADESH). It consists of three parts. Two parts of them are the pannel, pannels are made at top & bottom of the mattress. Each Pannel has four layers. Layers are the combination of Fabrics, fiber, high density foam, P.P. non-oven. The middle part of the mattress are the combination of Felt, Foam Re-bonded, Cotton Re-bonded, Felt. Mattress quilting in Zig-Zag by the GRIBETZ INTERNATIONAL machine of U.S.A. The assortment of raw materials will relieve you of all types of body stress & pain. It is the best quality & most durable mattress. That is dust, germ free fully hygienic product.

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